Hello! I am

Arthur Bouffard

an Augmented Reality Creative Developer. I make thought-provoking experiences to share the importance of combining creativity and technology through collaboration.

I also develop immersive AR experiences for global brands including Coca-Cola, Tiffany & Co, JBL, Premiata, Discovery Channel and many more.

London Underground Tube Map

London City Landmarker use-case

Prototype Shoe Box AR Try-On

"Doomed" Viral TikTok Effect

HoloLens 2 Motion Capture

King's College London Thesis Project

"Casio VL-1" Emulation in AR

Bullet Dodge on Spectacles

Made for the AR House LA Hackathon with @_xulipa

Speed, Distance & Time fitness tracker for Spectacles

Louis Vuitton Prototype Experience in Paris

Sticky-note LiDAR experiment

Body Breaking AR at GoSpooky

AR Frame with Real-time Data

"Favs" Viral TikTok Effect

Arthur Bouffard abfrd instagram filte

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ANd many more..